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Massage procedures

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These procedures are a perfect choice for women and men who want to look younger in a few minutes.

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This procedure is more suitable for ladies who have a feeling of pain in certain parts of the body.

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The unique technique, therapeutic massage, is one of the most popular and effective methods of physiotherapy, both general and local.

It removes all toxins from the body and makes your skin look younger.

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  • Classic Massage

    It is used to repair injured muscles. In addition, such a massage restores the activity of the body, strengthens the joints.

  • Sport Massage

    It serves to increase muscle tone and improve working capacity. Sports massage is also considered a separate part of sports exercises.

  • Reflex Massage

    The Spa Center, which always serves its guests perfectly, is always at your service with its professional staff.

  • Hammam Massage

    Steam strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves blood circulation, heart function, eliminates stress, fatigue, stagnation, has a positive effect on the joints and musculoskeletal system.

Starting from the first day, it tries to provide customers with a high level of Service. Recreation health center offers its customers a wide range of leisure and health services.

A Turkishg Bath or Hammam is not simply a means to get clean but is also a ritualistic experience, one made up of hot steam, detoxifying body treatments and a soothing cup of tea.

These are high-temperature rooms that combine the functions of normalizing water and toxins in the body through sweating, opening pores and cleansing the skin.