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Sport is the future of Health

Doing sports Tonifies the muscles, they become more elastic and resilient. Constant active movement helps to reach the ideal weight and maintain it.

Water jar, towel and copper bowl with soap foam in turkish hamam. Traditional interior details. Horizontal, wide screen format


Hot baths are effective for the initial treatment and Prevention of a number of diseases.

Turkish bath is not only a means of cleansing, but also hot steam, cleansing the body and releasing the body from toxins.


Massage plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of hypertension and its complications.

It is possible to recover from several diseases through massage.



Sauna, also known as Finnish bath, is known as a protector of many diseases.

Sauna helps to prevent skin diseases due to the dilation of subcutaneous blood vessels.


Playing sports Tonifies the muscles, they become more elastic and resilient. It helps to reach the ideal weight and maintain it by constantly moving.



Helps remove all toxins from body & keep skin looking younger


Massage in a bath with a total time of 1 hour ensures the density in the body and the outflow of all toxins from the skin.

The use of the sponge, which is extremely beneficial to the body and skin, will strengthen your immune system.


DaysHotelBaku offers a high level of services to its customers.


The standard massage, which lasts a total of 1 hour, provides density to the body and makes your skin look younger.

Bu prosedurlar bir neçə dəqiqə ərzində daha gənc görünmək istəyən xanımlar və kişilər üçün mükəmməl bir seçimdir.

Unique methodology, therapeutic massage is one of the most popular and effective methods of physiotherapy, both general and local.

This procedure is more suitable for women who have pain in certain areas of the body.


The Days Spa Center offers its customers a wide range of recreational and health services.


With high temperature, it helps to  purify water and toxins through sweating.

Days Hotel Baku by Wyndham


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